Enrolment to BBA closes in

Imagine having all the support you need while you grow a baking business that you love

 Even if you're new to business, baking is your side hustle or have always felt that running a successful, profitable baking business was just too hard.

Hey, I'm Maggie! 


Creator of Adelaide Bakes, Mama of 2, Obsessive Baker and Business Owner AND your Baking Business Wing Woman! 

I know what creating a successful Baking Business takes because I've done it myself - 4 times over! I've been in business for 15 years and you name it, I've probably done it! 


Here's what you'll get with me by your side:
Support | Encouragement | No drama | I will ask you to think outside the box and ask yourself the difficult questions | but I will also be by your side and right there to celebrate your wins and cheer you on!

Being in business can be simple, but that doesn't make it easy! 

I know for a fact that what we see as possible in business largely comes back to who we surround ourselves with!


I'm creating Bake Biz Academy the membership to create a safe, supportive and encouraging space for baking business owners to have the support you need while you build a baking business that allows you to achieve the goals you want and giving you a lifestyle you love!

Building a Simple, Strategic and Systemised baking business requires focus in 8 key areas

Baking Ingredients


Get super clear on what you actually wan to achieve, the solutions your products provide and how to attract your perfect customers

Live Concert


Audience building never ends in business. Learn how engage your audience on Social Media and using email marketing



Learning to price your products is important, but you need to know all of the metrics that keep your business running.  Learn how to plan for profit and predict business growth



Learn how to use promotions to grow your business and make more sales. Understand what motivates people to buy.

Baking Macaroons


Create processes in your business so that your workflow isn't interrupted. Efficient processes allow you to create more product with less stress.



Keeping customers happy and returning to us is wonderful for our business. Learn how to reward customer loyalty and cope with negative customer experiences, feedback and refunds.



Learn how to create new products and systems in your business to leverage your time and create more profit.



Developing your mindset will set you up for business success!

Running a succesful business shouldn't be stressful & overwhelming

We're taught hard work = success, but were not taught what we actually need to focus on to build businesses that are sustainable and profitable.

So often we feel like we're chasing our tails and wondering why we're working all the hours, sending all the quotes, making all the products, wearing all the hats and still not seeing profits in the bank!

Then we have to worry about the cheap cake lady down the road,

Everyone who's undercutting

Lockdowns and limited access / availability

The cost of raw ingredients

What if you could feel empowered as a business owner?

What if you could turn that around and pivot easily.

How much pressure and stress would that remove.

What if you could learn how all of the pieces fit together and build a Baking Business that is flexible, that fits in with your life and is both sustainable and profitable.

What if you could learn how all of the pieces fit together to build a business that fits in with your life.

Growing a business doesn't end - that's why Bake Biz Academy is a membership.

Bake Biz Academy includes the perfect balance of

learning + support + encouragement + accountability

As a member of Bake Biz Academy you will have access to:

 Monthly Masterclasses delivered live, designed specifically to help you understand the core concepts of building and growing businesses

Monthly live Q & A's

to help you implement the learning, discuss results and help you move forward faster.

A closed Facebook community for support, encouragement and accountability for as long as you remain a member

Access to a private online learning portal where we house all replays, with templates and files for you to use within your business - these will include terms & conditions, ingredient label templates, delivery and serving instructions and so much more

Mindset reset sessions

to help you develop a healthy mindset needed for business 

A focus on Doing!

Knowing and learning is great - but what really matters is the action you take in your business. 

But wait there's more!

Of course that's not all! Throughout the year we will cover topics including:
Social Media Marketing | Email Marketing | Effective Promotions | Product Photography | Content Creation | Overcoming Challenges and Hurdles | Growing your Mindset as a Business Owner | Fun Challenges and so much more...

As a Founding Member of Bake Biz Academy you also have exclusive Founding Member pricing.

The price of becoming a member will increase with the next intake. Your Founding Member pricing will be locked in for as long as you wish to remain a member and your account remains in good standing.

Bake Biz Academy is now open for enrolment

(but only for a short time!)


The best value

Invest for 12 months in full and save 10%


Start now and pay monthly

Monthly investment


per month

Baking Business Support starting from as little at $1.52 per day.


Learn what really matters when building your business


Imagine how much time you'll save implementing the lessons, created specifically to give you clarity and focus on the big rocks


Unlimited access to your classes anywhere, any time!

Watch and re-watch, as often as you like


Access the best support in our Private Facebook Community.

Join in our LIVE Q&A to have any Q's answered and receive weekly updates!

All the nitty gritty details

Joining a membership isn't for everyone

Before deciding to join please consider your own circumstances and whether we are a good fit


This is for you if:

  • You're a passionate baking business owner looking to make your business run more smoothly and increase your knowledge and awareness of business concepts.

  • You are looking for a mentor who has 'been there and done that' and who will push you out of your comfort zone to achieve the results you want

  • You're looking for ways to build an established business and add additional revenue streams

  • You're tired of wasting time on Google and Social Media forums searching for advice

  • You are willing to put in the work and change some habits that will help you achieve the results you want in your business

  • You want support and encouragement but you're also willing to challenge your own thinking and accept feedback 

  • You're excited to help create, share your views and give feedback as Bake Biz Academy comes to life



This is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a one size fits all solution, you must be prepared to implement, tweak, test & repeat

  • You are not willing to change some of your habits and not open to learning & implementing new knowledge

  • You expect instant results without putting in the time or effort or expect no failure

  • You have a negative outlook to baking business

  • You expect everything to be done for you. I can give you the tools but you must be willing to implement the changes to see results

  • You expect everything available all at once - this is a first time offer and the content will be created together over time.


T H E  F I N E  D E T A I L S

The opportunity to join Bake Biz Academy as a Founding Member closes at midnight on Sunday Feb 14th 2021.

This is the only time Founding Member pricing will be available.

The next opportunity to join will be later this year.

I can't guarantee any results from taking part in this membership.

The results achieved will depend on your implementation, ability to adjust to your audience, testing and tweaking where necessary. You may not experience any results at all from taking part. 

What I can guarantee is that I will show up for you, when you do the work and support, encourage and guide you to the best of my ability to help you get the most from being a member


My Guarantee - You are absolutely NEVER locked in.

I want you to love working with me and feel confident in my ability to help you create the business you want. If for whatever reason you decide we're not a good fit please let me know within 7 days of your next monthly membership payment and I will cancel your membership as soon as practicable. You will lose access to any of the classes, resources and groups on the date of your next monthly renewal period.

W A I T  -  I  H A V E  A  Q U E S T I O N 

If you're still not sure if Bake Biz Academy is right for you, please reach out! I am happy to answer any questions and would love to help you make the decision that is right for you!

Contact me at helloadelaidebakes@gmail.com