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FREE - Become a Better Baker Bootcamp!

Banish the stress and feel more confident as a baker with some of my best baking hacks, productivity tips and recipes!

great baking is about more

than just a recipe

Let me share some of my favourite hacks, time saving tips and recipes to make you a more confident baker!

Get Set up for Success

with my Kitchen tool kit 101, having the right tools is the first step in your baking success!

I'll share my Best Baking Tips

To help you understand why most people struggle and why bakes can fail!

Award winning Recipe

Try one of my award winning recipes to see for yourself how easy and delicious my recipes can be!

So you know you're in great hands

" Maggie's recipes are amazing and videos are so easy to follow. I love seeing and hearing about everyone’s achievements. "

- Vanessa M

" I am provided with genuine recipes, great support from Maggie and great advice. As a hobby baker this is a big thing for me as it inspires me to practice more and keep learning. "

-Janette C

" Maggie is so supportive, positive and helpful regardless of all our varying baking skills/ levels." 


- Irene L

" I honestly love the weekly Q&As and the variety of learning you offer. The recipes and videos are again very helpful. I’m so glad to be a part of the group. "

- Janelle B