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5 Essential Ingredients to a Successful Food Business in 2024!

[Even if you're brand new to business and it all seems overwhelming!]


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Chances are you got into business because you love baking!
Now, turn your business dreams into reality by learning the skillsets of business

When you make that decision to go all-in on your dream, you also owe it to your business to learn everything you can, so you get on track faster and stay in business longer.

Learn the essential elements of a successful and thriving business

Join me for a powerful Masterclass!

running on Tuesday 2nd July at 10:30 am ACDT


This Masterclass is designed specifically to share the most important lessons I've learned over nearly 20 years in business and in the food industry.

The core principles of business apply to all business owners at all levels! 

Feedback from previous Classes
Here is what others are saying!

Maggie, this class has been amazing, it came at just the right time. Thank you for being so generous with your baking and business knowledge. I'm looking forward to grow!.

- Liani

How I wish I knew of you a few years ago when I started out with a business- mine was totally unrelated to baking but the mentoring and advice would still have applied! I am so grateful to you for sharing your time, your knowledge and your energy.

- Jeanette

The information and tips have been eye opening in some cases. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Have loved every minute so far!! 😍

- Rachel

Wow your enthusiasm and passion is infectious! I have learn't so much from you. Thank you so much for sharing of your time and knowledge. 

- Margot

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