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The best classes in Adelaide are held at Adelaide Bakes!


 One of my greatest passions is sharing my knowledge and skills with like-minded bakers who want to learn new techniques or further develop their repertoire. I aim to keep my classes fun, interesting and relevant.

What makes Adelaide Bakes classes different?

  • Small class sizes with a maximum of just 8 people per class

  • Learn to bake and decorate using delicious 'from scratch' recipes

  • No premixes or artificial preservatives, only fresh and natural ingredients

  • Learn to bake and decorate REAL cakes, not on fake, foam or dummy cakes

  • Relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere, just 15 minutes from Adelaide CBD

Can't attend a class? I am developing some great online baking resources to help you be the best baker you can be! My Making Perfect Macarons  e-book and video tutorial is now available in my online store. 

Head over to my blog for some of my favourite recipes and baking tips!

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