Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really lifetime access? What does that mean?

Absolutely! One of my core values is generosity and when planning how to make Adelaide Bakes Academy really stand out and different to anything else available in online learning I realised the thing that I loved most is simply paying a one-time access fee and having ongoing value!

Lifetime access means for as long as Adelaide Bakes Academy is running and in existance. We are currently 18 months in and there are no signs of stopping! Should anything change at any time you will be able to download all of the content that is currently held in the Member Area so that it is yours for life

Do I get immediate access if I choose the 12 month option?

Yes! When you join Adelaide Bakes Academy, either as one pay in full option or decide to take the 12 month payment option you have complete access to everything, the member only Facebook group and the classes, recipes, tutorials, cheat sheets in the Member Area on Adelaide Bakes website. Please see the terms and conditions page to make sure the option you select is right for you

What sort of time commitment will this take?

Adelaide Bakes Academy is made to fit in with your life, however that looks for you. You have the choice to access the Academy and support from our Facebook group when you need it. You can choose to be active in the group or not, there are no expectations.

All of the classes in the Academy are pre-recorded, most in segmenst so you can access them when you need and find what you need quickly - without spending time watching hours of video. You'll often find printable cheat sheets with the most important details too!

Any classes held live are also recorded so you'll always be able to watch the replay at a time that suits you. The best bit is you get to fast forward, rewind, pause, skip and come back to any class at any time.

Do you offer a trial period?

Unfortunately I do not offer a trial period. As soon as you join Adelaide Bakes Academy you have complete access to all of the classes, resources and recipes that can not be recovered. If you would like to try some of my recipes you'll find some great free recipes on my blog and some paid recipes on the ebooks and recipes page. Please also subscribe to the wesbite and follow along on social media to take part in another free Bootcamp in 2021!

What ongoing value do I receive?

The Adelaide Bakes Academy already has so many foundation recipes, techniques and classes ready for you in the Member Area. My aim is to keep these up-to-date and added to to make sure the classes remain relevant and help you achieve results in your baking with more ease and less stress! This means updates and new classes are added to the library over time. We have one Live Q&A in the Facebook group each month I am also available within the Facebook community to support, trouble shoot, help you with access and make sure you find what you need.

This is only a hobby, I don't think it's right for me

Whether you're a hobbyist or business owner, there is no denying that time is precious to all of us. The recipes, classes, tips, tutorials and cheat sheets are developed for any baker who wants to save time, have less stress and frustration when baking, use recipes and techniques that are simple, tried and tested, that give a great end result. The classes and techniques are all broken down into stages to make learning easy and quick meaning every baker can achieve that professional, clean look to baked goods.

I have a question that hasn't been answered

Of course! Please reach out to me, I would love to help you decide if joining is right for you or not. Please email me at

How is this different to anything else available online?

Great question! Rather than a course that is specific to one particulr skill set, I offer greater value in providing recipes, classes, techniques, guides and cheat sheets on many baking skill sets, because in all honesty, we rarely ever just bake one item over and over again. Within ABA we cover:

  • Cookie decorating with royal icing and fondant decorations
  • Cake foundations, for both round and square cakes, including recipes, batter guides, baking guides, buttercream volume charts (so you never run out half way through!), assorted decorating techniques
  • Making macarons! I have been known as the Macaron Queen, making over 1000 macarons per week in Adelaide Bakes! My Macaron classes cover plain, dual toned, chocolate, vegan and character (themed) macarons!
  • Choux pastry - making delicious cream puffs and eclairs, including smooth and delicious fillings
  • I offer ongoing value in updated recipes, charts, guides, calculators and classes to keep the Member Area growing.
  • You also receive access to me and our private Fb community for support, encouragement, trouble-shooting, advice and fun!
When compared to similar priced online courses, the value withing ABA is far greater and is on-going!