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Do you take orders for your cakes, cookies and macarons?

Unfortunately I am no longer able to take custom orders for my macarons, cakes or cookies.

At times I may have specialty products available on a made-to-order basis for national celebration days including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter and Christmas as well as a few 'pop-up' events throughout the year, however my main endeavour is to teach engaging baking classes.

What classes do you teach and when is your next class?

I currently teach classes on macarons, round and square buttercream cakes, choux pastry and royal icing cookie decorating. 


You can view the details of my upcoming classes in my online shop and book in online.

Do I need experience to book into your class?

Absolutely not. All of my classes have no assumed knowledge, I make sure everyone works at the same pace so we all achieve the desired end result.

How are your classes different to anything else offered in Adelaide

Adelaide Bakes' classes are designed with the end result in mind.

I want everyone who attends my class to feel proud and accomplished in the end result of their product. Having extensive baking experience myself I draw from my own experiences to provide you with in depth information into the baking process and how to get the best end results when you leave my class. We make everything fresh, from scratch using the freshest ingredients we can source.

There is a trend in cake making and decorating classes at the moment where you are taught using fake 'dummy' cakes, however in my experience fake cakes do not behave anything like real cakes do. With this in mind I keep my classes REAL. We use real ingredients on real cakes so you get a feeling for what the technique will feel like in a real situation.

Adelaide Bakes classes are held in a fun, relaxed, friendly and safe environment for bakers of all skill levels.

Can you cater for group or private bookings?

Absolutely! Hen's days, birthdays and team building are just a few of the groups who would love a class at Adelaide Bakes. Please send me a contact form requesting a particular class and date to check my availability. The minimum number of participants in a group class is 6 and maximum is 8.

Private bookings may be available depending on date. Please contact me to discuss the details in more depth. 

Do I need to bring anything to a class?

No. Absolutely everything is provided here for you including a box to take your goodies home in.

Please wear appropriate clothing to classes including flat close toed shoes, remove any unnecessary jewelry and keep long hair tied back.

Will I get a copy of the recipes from my class?

Yes absolutely. Everyone attending a class at Adelaide Bakes receives a comprehensive booklet with the recipes and techniques used in our class.

Can children attend your classes?

Adelaide Bakes classes are tailored to adult learners and unfortunately some of the processes used in class are not suitable for children. Teens can generally be accommodated for, usually with the attendance of an accompanying, full paying adult. Please contact me to discuss before booking in to a class.

I have a question that hasn't been answered...

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