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Welcome to Adelaide Bakes Membership

If you're a passionate baker looking for more.. 

Tired of the recipes you're currently using.

Looking for continued support in a safe community of cakers and bakers. You're sick and tired of having to buy e-course after e-course just to learn the basics.. and when you want an update, you guessed it, you have to spend more...

If you're tired of the noise from all the groups, forums and getting sucked into the black hole (and at times negative energy) that is social media. You're looking for an easier way to learn the skills you want, in a time and way that suits you, from wherever you may be in the world.


Adelaide Bakes Membership could be for you.

Adelaide Bakes Membership is a new way for me to offer you more value and continued support while you develop your skill set, helping you up level your techniques and achieve that professional, clean look to your baked goods. But that's not all.


I've helped bakers of all levels, from those just starting out, hobby bakers, small and large scale business owners and even pastry chefs, achieve amazing results through breaking down recipes and techniques to understanding the critical steps, creating a systemised, logical workflow to reduce stress and overwhelm in the kitchen, created fail safe recipe variations to include intolerances and vegan options, small business guidance, mindset advice and so much more. Those who come to my classes love my honesty, transparency and encouraging nature.

I love that you are all so eager to learn the skills of this industry. And I'm so thankful to receive wonderful feedback from those who have attended classes and have learned new recipes, applied new techniques and have been given the confidence to approach new projects. It's because of this I'm constantly looking at ways to provide more support following my classes and keep everyone up to date with recipes, themes, trends and inspiration.


Over the last 12 months I've felt limitations with what I can offer those who come to my classes.

So many of you want to learn from me but are unable to due to other external factors. I've been consistently booked up to 6 months ahead of time and when new classes are released time, schedules, distance and family / work commitments can make it impossible to attend a class with me.


 This has led me to ask some big questions…

As a teacher and mentor how can I:

  • Be more accessible to you, wherever you may be in the world?

  • Be more accommodating and deliver more value?

  • Teach a wider range of classes and more advanced techniques to help you develop your skill set?

  • Present new and varied flavour combinations

  • Advise on recipe variations to meet dietary requirements (g/f, d/f, nut free/ vegan)?

  • Offer continued support to those who want to learn more from me, who want to ask me more questions and troubleshooting to provide responses that would benefit my wider community?

  • Keep recipes and techniques continually updated, on trend and current.


The answer has become so crystal clear that I have decided to put this offer out to you, those who support me on a daily basis to keep serving the baking community and helping those interested in baking and perfecting their techniques.


This is a new way for me to offer continued support and encouragement for your sustained learning and growth and helping you on your path to baking success.

So what exactly is the Adelaide Bakes Membership and who is it for?

The Adelaide Bakes Membership is currently open to Founding Members. As a Founding Member you have access to this dynamic offering right from the very start and you will help shape the way the teaching and resources are delivered.

This is offered through an on-going, month-by-month paid subscription allowing me to connect with you as a baker at a much deeper level and being able to provide continuity in support, teaching new and updated recipes and techniques that aren't currently included in my in-person classes and creating a community to connect with, encourage and support anywhere in the world, at any time. Consider this your 'access all areas' pass to everything needed while learning and refining new skills and techniques and gearing you towards your own vision of baking success.

I'm going to be completely honest and transparent with you all.

Although I have the big picture of how I want this to look and feel, I need you to help me create this membership. I am giving you the power to shape how the teaching comes together in a way that is simplified, logical, easy to access and in a way that isn't confusing or overwhelming. This is what is so special about becoming a Founding Member.​

As a Founding Member you will also be guaranteed lifetime pricing at a 'never to be repeated' introductory rate. My aim is that Adelaide Bakes Memberships will become the backbone to my baking business, as a Founding Member, not only will you help shape and offer feedback right from the very beginning, you are guaranteed to always pay a special Founding Member rate, so long as you remain a member and your account remains in good standing.

Once the Founding Member offer is closed at midnight on Sunday 19th May, I won't allow anyone new into the membership for quite some time. This way we create a safe space to build the foundation of this membership group and grow together.

My greatest goal is helping you achieve your own level of baking success, whatever that may look like. I've helped everyone from hobby bakers starting out with the very basics, to those who've been baking for years and are looking to up skill. My classes have attracted mum's who just want to make beautiful cakes for their family all the way through to baking business owners and pastry chefs who want to update their techniques and skills.

Some of the things we'll cover in our time together include

Basic Baking Knowledge | Kitchen Essentials | Understanding Your Ingredients | How to streamline your baking | In-depth recipes, techniques and variations including: Sugar Cookie recipes | Royal Icing Cookie Decorating | Fondant Cookie Decorating | Using Mixed Mediums | Macarons | Choux Pastry | Chocolate Tempering | Creating Chocolates | Short crust Pastry | Cakes - Sponges, Butter cakes, Muds | Butter cream Icings | Ganaches | Meringues | Cake Decorating Techniques | Themed & Seasonal Bakes | Small Business Guidance | And so much more…

As a teacher and mentor in the baking industry I want nothing more than to uphold the standard of our profession. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences from 16 years in the food industry and 12 years running food businesses to help those just starting out start on the right foot (and no, I will not tell you to drop your prices!), those wanting to further develop their skills and those wondering, 'what next?'


This all sounds good, but what do I actually get?

To begin with, the membership may look a little wonky, it's taken a long time for the perfectionist in me to be okay with this. But without starting, I can't make it into anything great, the teaching and resources will develop and grow throughout our time together.


  • Initially, We will all meet in a private Facebook group where we will create a supportive community of bakers and decorators.

  • You will gain immediate access to my current e-books for Macarons, My Favourite Cookie Recipes, Decorating with Royal Icing and Choux Pastry

  • As we move into the membership, starting May 27th, I will release one new Masterclass training every Monday morning. This will include a downloadable toolkit, recipe and written method and  variations to flavour & dietary requirements and a video of the recipe and  technique in detail.


Over the first few weeks this will mainly be those for recipes and techniques that I am already teaching in my in-person classes. Once those have been covered we will venture into the techniques that I have wanted to teach in classes but have been limited by time, my own availability and the general popularity of the classes I already offer.

 Ultimately, my vision is that the lessons are always being built upon, and the library of resources is always increasing.


  • Each week I'll schedule a live Q&A session to answer any of your baking / decorating / business questions and will also pop into the group for what I like to call '10-in-10's' these will be quick sessions where I can answer some of your quick, most burning questions and just to check in to make sure you all know where to get everything you need, so you can get on with your day faster.

  • I'd love to offer some mindset tutorials, especially for those who feel stuck in a rut, offering and guiding you down your own path and achieving your own version of baking and decorating success.

  • And of course, Fun baking challenges! What would a baking membership and community be if it's not fun? Life is tough enough as it is, I want this membership to be a place of light and support.

  • As a member of Adelaide Bake you'll also be FIRST to know when new in-person class dates have been released and have priority booking. 


One thing I have found over the years working for myself is that baking and decorating can be lonely and isolating at times. Most of us either work alone or begin our work once the rest of the family have gone to bed. Although recipes, techniques and skills are important, nothing compares to being able to ask questions, share wins and ask advice in a safe community of bakers who understand, who are in the same boat or who have 'been there and done that'. I want everyone who joins my membership to know they are not alone in this.

Founding Member Intake and Pricing end at Midnight on Sunday 19th May

The Adelaide Bakes Membership isn't for everyone and that is completely fine.
This is for you if:

You're a passionate hobbyist or a baking business owner

You want a professional look to both your baking and decorating techniques

You want to streamline processes to save precious time

You've bought online baking and cake decorating courses and were still left with questions

You're tired of wasting time on Google, Pinterest and Social Media forums searching for secret recipes, techniques & advice

You want faster results with done-for-you recipes, technique breakdowns and variations that are on trend and current

You are willing to put in the work and change some habits that will help you achieve better baking outcomes

You want a higher level of access to support, encouragement and community 

You would love to help grow this membership from the ground up and play a pivotal role in how the teaching comes together over time.

This is not for you if:
You are looking for just one specific course
You are not willing to change some of your habits and not open to learning & implementing new techniques
You expect instant results without putting in the time or practice
You have a negative outlook to baking 
You expect everything to be available all at once
Can I guarantee your results? Can I get a refund?
In all honestly no one can guarantee your results or outcomes. As all ingredients and equipment used by bakers around the world varies so much I am not able to give one solution to each person. I offer my advice, recipes and training's in good faith with over 16 years experience in baking and 12 years running food businesses. What I can guarantee is that if you show up, put in the effort and accept the encouragement and support I will be there for you 100% of the time. I will guide, troubleshoot and support you through each challenge and new skill until you have reached your own level of baking success. 
As the content in the membership is delivered in electronic format that is unable to be recovered there are no refunds given. However, should you decide that Adelaide Bakes Membership is not a right fit for you, you are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time. You are never locked in for any longer than you want to be here. Simply send me an email at and request to be removed from the membership, easy as that!