Welcome to the Academy

I hope you're so excited about the changes announced this morning to Adelaide Bakes Academy!

Here you're able to select to pay the difference in a single payment and receive a pay in full bonus - a 2 month discount, a saving of $110 and enjoy access to the Academy for life!

As you've already been a member with Adelaide Bakes for 2 months, the pay in full option equates to 2 equal payments of $192.50


✓ To select this option simply click link below and follow the prompts to payment. 

✓ Your regular monthly payments will be cancelled straight away.

✓ You won't need to do anything else.


(unfortunately this can't be put on hold or applied again at a different time, please make sure to read the fine print below.) 

Your log in details on the website and your permissions won't change at all unless you decide to cancel.

Please read the fine print to make sure this option is the right one for you.



The fine print.

This offer is only available to current VIP Members

It can not be put on hold, taken up at another time or transferred to anyone else.

This reduced payment is a saving of 2 months' Membership payments and equates to a saving of $110

Once completed you will not be charged again and have lifetime access to Adelaide Bakes Academy and any updates.

This offer is only available for this member renewal period and expires on Thursday 1st October 2020, after which the regular monthly fee will be charged as normal until your 12 month anniversary (after which you'll have access to the Academy for life) or you decide to cancel.

If you choose to take up this offer and follow the Join Now link you will not need to do anything else, your access will continue as normal.

For anyone who chooses to cancel, your membership access will expire after this renewal period.

Please contact me if I can offer any help at all.

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