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About Me; the back story

They say it takes about 10 years to become an overnight success.

Now, I'm no where near an overnight success story, but Adelaide Bakes is the closest I have ever been to following my true passion and joy and the 10+ years of hard work to get here is probably about right..

I opened my first catering company in 2007, by the time the commercial kitchen was ready to go I was 22.

Here I am a few years in, on the far left, with two of the most beautiful and hard working souls I know.

Let me just say that the food industry is hard work, it will push you to your limits both physically and emotionally and it takes an amazing and strong TEAM to get through the long and at times arduous hours and to celebrate with you when you've just finished an amazing event and are on a serious high.

To me, there's nothing like working in a kitchen. It's really all I know. It's my passion and where I feel most at home.

We worked together for over 8 years catering and preparing food for all kinds of corporate events, private celebrations and multi-day functions. Preparing fresh food for over 300 guests at any time anywhere in South Australia.

In 2009 I was lucky to secure a corporate catering contract with The Government of South Australia as sole corporate caterers to 4 stadiums in Adelaide including Hindmarsh Soccer Stadium, (currently known as Coopers Stadium).

These years became the backbone to my industry education. We sourced the best produce we could and I was always proud to supply and provide the freshest savoury and handmade sweet offerings.

This was a time before SOCIAL MEDIA and camera phones so I didn't have anywhere to showcase my work, but word of mouth moves fast and I was booked out months in advance.

Although I loved everything about being in the kitchen, running functions and catering events, my true LOVE was PASTRY. Desserts, patisserie and cakes was my domain and I quickly developed recipes and techniques that I still use today.

When I needed a change I took some time away from business and traveled interstate to learn intensive pastry, patisserie and chocolate techniques from some of the best in the industry.

I began supplying restaurants and cafes around Adelaide with my sweets and desserts in addition to making cakes for private customers and functions. I further refined my skills and techniques and had developed my own recipes.

I won ribbons for my baking at the Royal Adelaide Show.

In 2016 I decided to follow my true passion and start teaching.

At this stage I had a small but loyal following on social media and although no one really knew me, with a willingness to learn they took a chance. They came to classes that were being held in my home, to learn skills in macarons, cookie and buttercream cake decorating.

I fell in love with teaching and found my TRUE JOY.

In July 2017 Adelaide Bakes moved out of home and into a commercial studio in Flinders Park.

Since Adelaide Bakes began I have been blesses to hold nearly 200 classes

Meet nearly 1000 amazing and inspiring bakers and decorators

Hold FUN demo days

Written e-books on macarons, sugar cookies, royal icing cookie decorating and choux pastry

I have loved listening to stories and sharing advice, lifting people up and encouraging them to keep trying, whether they are a hobby baker or professional. This is my REAL passion and I love nothing more than being able to do this through my classes.

So, what's next for Adelaide Bakes you may ask..

In 2019 I will be hosting more FUN DEMO DAYS, teaching new classes and hopefully be able to travel to teach those who can't make it to Adelaide, I can't wait to bring all this and more to you, so stay tuned!

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