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Baking Business Basics


A brand new class specifically for anyone wanting clarity, helping you set solid foundations and build a thriving business.


This class is completely Online

You will gain immediate access to this class and have access for life

For everything this class covers please read below


    If you're looking for clarity in what your business is all about and how to set solid foundations for moving your baking business forward, this is for you!

    Created specifically to give you the tools to 

    • Understand your why, your ideal customer and learn how to set business goals
    • Build an engaged audience 
    • Price confidently - learn the most common pricing mistakes and how to avoid falling into a discount trap
    • Think about the big picture - it doesn't matter what stage your business is currently in, knowing how to grow a sustainable business that doesn't always require you to pump out more product or work harder to maintain and grow your business income

    I am so passionate about giving baking business owners the tools to help build successful and sustainable businesses that don't drain the energy out of you and leave you burned out.


    As this product is completely digital there are no refunds

    The online classes are for personal use only and the recipes and techniques are not for teaching classes, printing, sharing, resale, or distribution.

    The guidance given throughout the class needs is based on the strategies and lessons that have worked for me, I can make no guarantee that any of the things taught in the class will make a difference in your business or will result in an increase of income. Please see the appropraite legal and financial advice to see if any of the suggestion within this class are suitable to your individual circumstance.

    I do my best to ensure the accuracy of all items and weights being used in my recipes and methods. If for some reason a recipe or technique doesn't seem to work for you please contact me asap to discuss your results and I will attempt to help you resolve the issue.