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Choux Pastry: Cream Puffs and Eclairs - Saturday 29th February


DATE: Saturday 29th February

TIME: 9:30am - 1:00pm

EXPERIENCE: Beginner - Intermediate



    Create delicious cream puffs and eclares in my newest class!

    In this class we will:


    • Learn the basics to making choux pastry
    • Make and apply sable to add texture and a delicious crunch to our pastries
    • Make creme diplomat, a delicious custard base for any choux pastry flavours
    • Create delicious fillings for our choux pastries including lemon meringue and salted caramel
    • Decorate our pastries with different techniques

    Everyone takes home a recipe book filled with recipes, tips, tricks and techniques we use on the day along with your delicious choux pastries.

    A confirmation e-mail will be emailed approximatey 14 days prior to your class


    By Booking into a class at Adelaide Bakes you agree to the following conditions:

    • All materials and recipes supplied during the class are for personal use only. Recipes are not to be re-printed or distributed without the prior permission from Adelaide Bakes
    • All class bookings are non-refunadable unless a class is cancelled by Adelaide Bakes
    • All classes have a minimum capacity required to go ahead, if there is not enough interest in a class and it cannot go ahead you will receive notification a week prior and be issued a complete refund
    • If for some reason you are no longer able to attend your booked class please contact me ASAP to discuss a class transfer according to the following:
    • Full transfer or class credit may be issued for a class if requested upto 10 days prior to the scheduled class
    • If the request for class transfer / credit is within 10 days of a scheduled class a fee of 25% is retained as preparations and orders are placed with your place in mind
    • No credits or transfers are availabe if you are no longer able to make your class within 48 hours of the scheduled date. You are more than welcome to send someone else in your place at no additonal expense. Please simply email me and let me know the name of the person who is taking your place.
    • If you are no longer able to make the class at any stage you are able to send a friend in your place at no charge
    • Adelaide Bakes takes no responsibility if you forget your class and there are no refunds or class transfers given for "no shows"