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Making Perfect Macarons - Ebook

Making Perfect Macarons - Ebook




    Frustrated with macarons that just never turn out?

    No matter what you do, they are cracked or lumpy and lopsided. What's worse is when half a tray comes out perfect and the other half completely flop, why on earth? It's so annoying!


    I've had all of those things and more happen to me and I know exactly how you're feeling. It's so deflating right!

    It doesn't have to be.

    Let me help you get it right!

    I've been baking macarons for over 8 years now, in 2017 during a typical week I was baking 1000 macarons, from scratch and have worked so hard to develop a technique and recipe that works consistently and gives near perfect results each time

    This is what I have worked so hard to bring you in a fantastic new ebook and video tutorial. Let me walk you through the entire process, start to delicious finish, of how to make consistently perfect macarons, delicious fillings and fun macaron creations including unicorns, bunnies, icecreams and the cutest elephants.

    All of your questions are answered!

    I break down the common problems including; lopsided shells, uneven feet, hollow shells, lumpy looking, thin shells, shells that stick and inconsistent results, leaving you feeling disheartened and defeated.

    I am absolutely obsessed with making these delicious treats and want to share with you the technique that allows me to produce perfect macarons every time!

    Together we'll go through:

    • How to prepare the key ingredients

    • Making an Italian meringue

    • Preparing the batter ( macaronage )

    • Learn to pipe perfect macaron shells

    • getting to know your oven

    • Achieve perfect feet every time



    • How to make dual coloured shells

    • Delicious fillings including my hands down most popular filling salted caramel, dark and white chocolate ganache, Swiss mringue buttercream (SMBC)
    • Your most worrisome questions answered!
    • Troubleshooting for when your macarons don't come out perfect and the usual causes! 



    make super cute unicorn macarons along with, bunny macarons, icecreams and jungle elephant macarons, with fun, easy to follow instructions.


    What could be sweeter than that?


    Make Perfect Macarons - instant E-BOOK download with FREE video tutorial 


    A 48 page PDF ebook including my recipes, tips, tricks and techniques teaching you the fundamentals to making the perfect macaron, including step-by-step photographs.

    A FREE video download so you can see my technique in real time and follow along with the crucial steps



    You will receive an email from Adelaide Bakes once payment has been made which will include a downloadable PDF. You must download the PDF within 24 hours of receiving the link. Save this file to your computer, smart phone or tablet.


    As this is a digital product there are no refunds available 

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