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Online Cookie Decorating with Royal Icing Masterclass


This class is completely Online

You will gain immediate access to this class and have access for life

and 2 fantastic Bonuses!

Bonus class 1 - Create a gingerbread house

Bonus class 2 - Fondant cookie basics


    This fantastic class is completely online and will be available worldwide from Sunday 10th November

    This is the perfect combination of how-to video and comprehensive written guides to bring your cookie decorating to the next level!

    I aim to make my online classes as detailed and comprehensive as possible, just as if you were sitting in a class right next to me, to help you achieve the best results - from anywhere in the world!


    NOW with a fantastic Christmas BONUS lesson!

    Learn to make a Gingerbread house from scratch, using all the lessons in the Cookie Decorating Masterclass! These make fantastic table centerpieces or gifts for family and friends!

    What you can expect to learn:


    How to videos

    From scratch recipes-

    · Vanilla sugar cookie recipe 

    · Gingerbread cookie recipe

    Best cookie making hints and tips

    Making Royal Icing-

    · How to make royal icing

    - Create the perfect consistency

    · Colour royal icing

    - Storing your icing

    · Prepare cookies for decorating

    · Decorating each cookie design following the Adelaide Bakes method of ‘decorating stages’

    · Guide to using a tipless piping bag 

    - how to position the bag for comfort and ease of use

    - How to outline and flood a cookie perfectly

    - Wet on wet tecnique 

    - Creating depth and texture

    - I will show you step-by-step how to decorate 7 of my favourite Christmas cookies in detailed and comprehensive videos

    Printable guides

    · Perfect sugar cookie recipes e-book – including recipe variations to make gluten free, dairy free and vegan cookies

    · Best cookie baking hints and tips

    · Royal icing – creating perfect royal icing and achieving the perfect consistency

    · Step by step written instructions on making, storing and colouring icing

    · Decorating stages, storage and shelf life of decorated cookies and how to avoid some of the most common issues, including air pockets and butter bleed  

    This is our most comprehensive cookie baking and decorating online class yet and designed specifically to help you develop your skills as a cookie baker and decorator


    As this product is completely digital there are no refunds

    I do my best to ensure the accuracy of all items and weights being used in my recipes and methods. If for some reason a recipe or technique doesn't seem to work for you please contact me asap to discuss your results and I will attempt to help you resolve the issue. 

    The online classes are for personal use only and the recipes and techniques are not for teaching classes, printing, sharing, resale, or distribution.