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The Complete Macaron Masterclass


This class is completely Online

You will gain immediate access to this class and have access for life

For everything this class covers please read below


    This fantastic class is completely online and will be available worldwide from Sunday 10th November

    This is the perfect combination of how-to video and comprehensive written guides to bring your macarons to the next level!

    I aim to make my online classes as detailed and comprehensive as possible, just as if you were sitting in a class right next to me, to help you achieve the best results - from anywhere in the world!

    What you can expect to learn:

    How to videos

    From scratch recipes-

    The complete series of my macaron class includes step-by-step videos on

    - plain macaron shells

    - chocolate macaron shells

    - dual toned chells

    - vegan macaron shells

    Learn how to:

    - Prepare your work space for making macarons

    - Prepare the key ingredients

    - Making an Italian Meringue

    - Preparing the batter ( macaronage )

    - Learn to pipe perfect macaron shells

    - Getting to know your oven

    - My best macaron hints and tips to help you get the best results every time.

    Includes how-to videos of my favourite fillings

    - salted caramel

    - ganache

    - Swiss meringue buttercream

    Printable guides

    · Making perfect macarons E-book

    · Step by step written instructions on making, storing and colouring macarons

    This is our most comprehensive macaron online class yet and designed specifically to help you develop your skills as a macaron baker


    Please be aware the early bird price is offered as a 'pre-order' and availalbe only until Midnight Saturday 9th November.

    Sunday 10th November is the official release date of the online class and the class will then be available for purchase at the regular price.

    As this product is completely digital there are no refunds

    I do my best to ensure the accuracy of all items and weights being used in my recipes and methods. If for some reason a recipe or technique doesn't seem to work for you please contact me asap to discuss your results and I will attempt to help you resolve the issue.