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Watercolour Fondant Cookies

April 11, 2018

 Oh my goodness! I can not begin to tell you how much I love this cookie design!


Personalised anything is really so popular right now and why wouldn't it be? It's the perfect way to say exactly what you want, and in our industry it's actually even better, because it's on a delicious cookie!


I have been experimenting with all types of 'watercolour' looks over the years and tried all different ways to achieve this sort of effect. Trust me when I say I've spent so much on food grade and edible 'paints' and colours trying to achieve this effect, when in reality I already had everything I needed.


Okay, that might be a bit of an over statement, I do run cake decorating and baking classes, so of course the stock that I 'already have on hand' is going to be different to you possibly, but what I'm trying to say here and why I'm sharing this fun and hopefully really informative tutorial is because it's all actually much quicker and simpler than it looks. And in the end, personalised cookies with watercolour look amazing and taste delicious!


So, I hope you love this tutorial as much as I have enjoyed making it for you and I would love to see your personalised cookies if you decide to give this a go!




You will need:

  • Your favourite sugar cookies, baked and cooled, in what ever shape you like

If you're looking for a collection of delicious cookies that taste delicious, hold their shape and are fantastic to decorate, my sugar cookie recipes are available to purchase here

  • Corn flour

  • White fondant. The quantity of fondant you require is based entirely on the size and shape of your cookies along with how many cookies you're decorating. 

  • Fondant smoother

  • Glucose syrup and some boiling water from the kettle + a small bowl

  • Cling film

  • Letter hand stamp (available from good cake decorating stores and some craft stores like Spotlight)

  • Small fondant rolling pin

  • Assorted paint brushes

  • Artists paint palette or small bowls for mixing your food colours

  • Your favourite foodcolour (I used Americolour Fuschia for this tutorial)

  • A cake decorators alcohol that is fast evaporating such as rose spirit 

  • Edible gold or silver leaf on transfer sheets

  • Small quantity royal icing in a toothpaste like consistency and small tipless piping bag


Covering cookies with fondant


I try to work on 4-5 cookies at one time as this keeps everything manageable. If it's your first time covering cookies with fondant try working on one or two cookies at a time until you begin to feel more confident.


To begin with create an edible glue by mixing one tablespoon of glucose syrup with one tablespoon of boiling water stirring carefully until completely dissolved to create a sugar syrup, leave this to the side.


Dust your work surface with some corn flour ( I use a pastry brush to do this as a little goes a long way ) and roll your fondant to approx. 3mm thick. Make sure your fondant is rolled evenly in thickness and isn't stuck to your work surface. Roll out a small quantity of fondant at a time to reduce the likelyhood of your fondant drying out and cracking. Use the same cookie cutter that you used to cut your cookies to cut out your fondant shapes and turn upside down. Cover any fondant that you're not using in cling film to keep fresh.


Using the edible glue that was just created, brush the underside of the fondant cutout with just enough syrup to make the fondant tacky. Try not to saturate the fondant as this will make it difficult to handle. Apply the fondant cutout gently and evenly to your cookie and use a fondant smoother to evenly smooth the fondant onto the cookie and create a flat work surface.