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Classic Buttermilk Scones

November 6, 2018



We were invite to meet a new baby over the weekend.


If you know anything about me, you'll know I'm absolutely smitten with new baby news and I couldn't wait to meet this little man who'd recently entered the world. 

Another thing about me is that I love baking for people and I could never go to visit a new mama without bringing baked goods


But, being a mum of 2 now my time can sometimes be limited. Everything has to fit into a particularly tight schedule. In addition to that we've had some really rough nights to contend with, so I certainly wasn't in the capacity to bake anything too complicated or time consuming.


I needed a classic.


I needed something that was delicious and moorish but quick and uncomplicated...

I needed something that I already had the ingredients for...

I needed something that would be ready in next to no time...


Helloooo scones!


Honestly, there's no need to complicate this at all. The scone is a simple thing, made delicious with fresh jam and whipped cream. So simple yet so inviting.


The kids played.

The baby was snuggled.

And the scones were devoured. 

What a perfect way to spend the weekend.


And you could be eating them too, this afternoon if you wanted.

They're so quick, ready in about 30 minutes and the best, eaten still warm from the oven with jam and fresh cream.


These scones are light and tender with just a hint of sweetness, definitely not dry or chewy, or dense like the rock cakes that I've seen being passed off as scones at some places..


You don't even need an occasion to make these, they're excellent for a quick morning or afternoon tea. 


I'd love to know if you try my recipe!