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Red Velvet Cupcakes

October 5, 2019


I can't even begin to tell you how delicious these cupcakes are.


They seriously tick ALL the boxes.


Easy to make

Delicious with a slight tang from the buttermilk

Tender, fluffy and soft

Full of moisture


They even pass the 'overnight' test - the cupcake liners didn't pull away from the cupcakes over night and they are actually even more delicious... The addition of a tiny amount of brown sugar helps add a slight fudgy texture to the crumb... seriously, so good.


In my opinion these cupcakes are even better in both taste and texture the next day!


If you haven't tried red velvet before, or you're looking for something delicious to make over the long weekend, I seriously recommend giving these a go.


I covered these with a traditional lemon cream cheese icing but I think an SMBC or white chocolate and sour cream ganache would be amazing with them too!


And of course they can be made as a cake instead of cup cakes, simply increase the baking time.


I'd love to know if you give this recipe a try!


Red Velvet Cake Recipe


This recipe makes 18 full sized cupcakes.


150 g butter, cubed & softened to a spreadable consistency

50 ml plain oil (I use rice bran)


200 g castor sugar

25 g brown sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1 - 2 tsp vanilla paste or extract


2 eggs (I use the carton marked extra large 700g)


150 ml buttermilk 


100 g self raising flour

200 g plain flour

15 g dutch process cocoa powder

1/2 teaspoon bi-carb soda


approx. 1/2 tbs red food colouring paste (I used a teaspoon of Wilton red-red and a squirt of Chef Master red to achieve the red colour I wanted)








Begin by preheating your oven to 160 degrees C (320 F) and lining your cupcake tins with liners.

Sift the flours, cocoa powder and bi-carb soda together.


Begin by adding the softened butter, castor sugar, brown sugar, salt & vanilla into the bowl of your electric mixer and beating with the paddle attachment for 3-4 minutes until your mixture is really soft, pale and fluffy.





Slowly drizzle the oil into the mixture with the beater on a medium speed.


Add the eggs one at a time into the mixture and beat really well between each addition to make sure they are fully combined.


Add in the red food colour. The red will create a slightly pink mixture, don't worry about this, the cocoa powder will bring out a deeper red tone from the cake batter, making it look vibrant and rich.


Begin adding the sifted flours & cocoa. Add the flour in thirds, beat well to make sure all of the flour has been incorporated. In between the addition of flour add the buttermilk in thirds also.


Continue adding flour and buttermilk until everything is used and beat well until fully incorporated. 


Scrape the bowl down to bring everything together before scooping the batter into the cup cake pans.




You can use an ice-cream scoop to fill the pans or two tablespoons. I normally fill the pans just over half way as this batter rises quite high.


Bake the cupcakes for approx. 22 - 25 minutes, until risen and puffy. 


Cupcakes do have a tendency to dry out if over baked, so as soon as the cupcakes are out of the oven I remove them from the hot cupcake tray and place them on a wire rack to cool.





Cool the cupcakes completely before icing or storing.


Store cooled cupcakes in a cup cake box with a lid in a cool, dry place. 


I used a basic lemon cream cheese icing for these cupcakes, which is delicious but on the sweet side. They would go perfectly with a white chocolate and sour cream ganache.