All the nitty gritty details

Joining Adelaide Bakes Academy isn't for everyone

This member intake is open from today Tuesday11th until midnight Sunday 16th May 2021

After that the doors will close and we will begin our journey together in this closed group.

Access into ABA won't open again until much later in 2021

Before deciding to join please consider your own baking style and whether we are a good fit


This is for you if:

  • You're a passionate hobbyist or a baking business owner

  • You want a professional look to both your baking and decorating techniques

  • You want to streamline processes to save precious time

  • You've bought online baking and cake decorating courses and were still left with questions

  • You're tired of wasting time on Google, Pinterest and Social Media forums searching for secret recipes, techniques & advice

  • You want faster results with done-for-you recipes, technique breakdowns and variations that are on trend and current

  • You are willing to put in the work and change some habits that will help you achieve better baking outcomes

  • You would love to be part of a supportive and encouraging community of bakers who uplift each other and cheer each other on



This is not for you if:

  • You are looking for just one specific course or recipe

  • You are not willing to change some of your habits and not open to learning & implementing new techniques

  • You expect instant results without putting in the time or practice or expect no failure

  • You have a negative outlook to baking 

  • You expect everything to be available all at once


T H E  F I N E  D E T A I L S


There are 2 options to becoming a member with Adelaide Bakes Academy.

Pay by the Month: $59 per month for 12 months

By selecting the pay by the month option you agree to make 12 equal payments of $59 to Adelaide Bakes.

Your initial payment grants you access to the all of the classes, recipes, methods, cheat sheets and resources available within Adelaide Bakes Academy, the private Facebook group and Member ​Only pages on the website.

On completing your 12th payment you become a lifetime member and have access to ABA and all classes, recipes, resources, bonuses and community for life.

Should there be a default on a payment two attempts will be made to contact you to arrange your updated payment method. Should you decline to update the payment method, decline to reply or contact us to arrange an alternative method of payment or let us know of any difficulty, your access to Adelaide Bakes Academy, the member only pages on the website and private Facebook group will be cancelled immediately.

Pay in Full: one time only payment of $597

By selecting the Pay in Full option you are eligible for an instant saving of $111 (based on 12 equal payments in the pay by the month option)

You will be granted access to Adelaide Bakes Academy Member Only pages on the website and private Facebook group and have access to these pages, classes, recipes and tutorials for life, granted you maintain the rules of being within our community.

The recipes, methods & teachings within Adelaide Bakes Academy are for exclusive use of members only and are covered by copyright, they are intended for personal use and are not to be copied, distributed, sold or republished without my knowledge or prior consent.


Your log in details are to be kept private and can not be shared, copied, given or sold to any other parties. Should we become aware of any breach to copyright or website access your access and on-going use to resources of Adelaide Bakes Academy will be denied immediately.

I work hard to provide the absolute best support possible, but I can't guarantee 100% success with every recipe, method or technique.

W A I T  -  I  H A V E  A  Q U E S T I O N 

If you're still not sure if Adelaide Bakes Academy is right for you, please reach out! I am happy to answer any questions at all!

Contact me at helloadelaidebakes@gmail.com