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Because Bakers get Bakers

A membership that opens just a few times per year. If you're tired of going it alone and trying to piece it all together, this is for you.

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Benefits of being a VIP Member!

 what do  I get?

 Immediate access to all of my recipes, e-books and online classes! We've already covered so many recipes and techniques, some that are only available to you as a VIP!

Help when you need it with LIVE Q&A's in our Private Facebook group where we chat about everything!

A new theme covered every month and brand new weekly videos and printables covering the most up to date recipes and techniques.

Be the first to know about new hands-on classes and dates, so you get the best chance to book

Support from the best Private Facebook community.

Help to shape our membership by putting forward your suggestions based on what you want to learn and the skills you want to develop.