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We all know there's more to great baking than meets the eye...

We want our baked goods to look perfect, but how many times have we pulled a tray of burned cookies and lopsided macs from the oven or even worse, had a cake completely collapse. 

And you've tried every trick right.


The wet tea towel method, the hot scrapers, silicone trays and guides.. and it's still just not coming together.

You're tired of winging it in the kitchen. Tired of wasting time and effort searching for the best tips and techniques while learning how to do it all.

I don't believe we need more recipes... What we need are tried and tested techniques and support to get the best out of the recipes we already have.

The VIP Membership is the perfect place for you if you want an ACCESS ALL AREAS pass where you have full access to all of my best RECIPES and decorating TECHNIQUES, including all of my e-books, recipes and  Online Classes to help you achieve the best results and professional look to your baked goods, whenever suits you!

If you want someone with years of experience offering you the best advice, guidance and support while you develop your own baking style.

To save money by never having to buy another e-book or video tutorial that gave you no support afterwards.

At the same time saving you hours of endless searching online and in social media forums for tips

Knowing you can ask any questions and receive the best advice and mentoring, whether you're a hobbyist or baking business owner. 

Benefits of being a VIP Member!

 what do  I get?

 Immediate access to all of my recipes, e-books and online classes! We've already covered so many recipes and techniques, some that are only available to you as a VIP!

Help when you need it with LIVE Q&A's in our Private Facebook group where we chat about everything!

A new theme covered every month and brand new weekly videos and printables covering the most up to date recipes and techniques.

Be the first to know about new hands-on classes and dates, so you get the best chance to book

Support from the best Private Facebook community.

Help to shape our membership by putting forward your suggestions based on what you want to learn and the skills you want to develop.

These classes are already waiting for you in the Member Area

Cookie Recipes








Cookie Cakes












The Adelaide Bakes VIP Membership is the right place for you if you want to save time, access what you need, when you need it, have a private community of support and help when things  don't go to plan.


Complete access to MEMBER ONLY training, advice and guidance.

First preferance to all my in-person classes and events


Monthly themes

Weekly videos, printable recipes, technique breakdowns and dietary variations

- all done for you


Unlimited access to your members area anywhere, any time!

Watch and re-watch, as often as you like


Access the best support in our Private Facebook Community.

Join in our LIVE Q&A to have any Q's answered and receive weekly updates!

And it's only getting better!

Coming up in February is our Cake Essentials Class that will see us cover cake stacking basics, internal support systems and how to get the most from your cakes. From there we will move right into using ganache to cover cakes and fondant decorating basics.

There is so much valuable information already waiting for you and more amazing content coming right here in the Membership.

And you have complete and immediate access to everything for as long as you remain a member.

Hey! I'm Maggie,


Mum of 2 crazy kidlets and teacher of all things baked and delicious.

I started Adelaide Bakes with the specific intention to teach, without knowing that I would find  my greatest joy. I love nothing more than seeing everyone reach their own levels of baking success, whether that's baking for family and friends or turning their passion into a business.

When I think about my time in the industry and what I can bring to the baking community, I know that it's through teaching, support and guidance that I can leave my greatest mark on this industry.


The Online VIP Membership is where I can make the biggest impact, share my best recipes, tips and techniques to passionate bakers who want more than what is currently available online.

In fact, there is NOTHING like the Adelaide Bakes VIP Membership currently available! This is a unique space for bakers of ALL LEVELS.


For almost 4  years I've been I've been teaching aspiring and hobby bakers and baking business owners my own recipes and techniques in baking and cake and cookie decorating 

Prior to that I spent 8 years working for myself in high volume catering, making delicious, fresh food, from scratch and catering all sorts of functions and events for up to 500 guests!


I spent my junior years working in a commercial kitchen and trust me, I learned the ropes from the ground up.

My passion has always been baking delicious desserts, cakes and pastries and perfecting those techniques. When I founded Adelaide Bakes I quickly became known as the Macaron Queen and was taking orders for 1000+ macarons per week, whilst teaching and working hard at holding the best classes in Adelaide.

In 2019 I knew I had to put my energy into the part of my business that brought the most joy and allowed me to make the biggest impact to the baking community. Teaching is now my sole focus and I can honestly say that, that back story is what has made me the baker and the teacher that I am today.

The next logical step to holding the best in-person classes was to create a space where I can provide continuity in teaching and continue to provide the best and most up to date recipes, techniques, advice and guidance and that is EXACTLY what the Adelaide Bakes Online VIP Membership is.

But don't just take my word for it,
here's what some of my VIP members have to say!

" I love the membership, the recipes are amazing and videos are so easy to follow. I love seeing and hearing about everyone’s achievements. I think the membership is perfect! "

- Vanessa M

" I am loving the membership so far as I am provided with genuine recipes, great support from Maggie and great advice. As a hobby baker this is a big thing for me as it inspires me to practice more and keep learning. "

-Janette C

" I love this group. Everyone is so supportive, positive and helpful regardless of all our varying baking skills/ levels. 

I espcisally love taking some me time & listening to the Q&A sessions.

I love the feel and vibe of this group and I think I have finally found my tribe. " 

- Irene L

" I honestly love the weekly Q&As and the variety of learning you offer. The recipes and videos are again very helpful .The membership has been so helpful and very informative. I’m so glad to be a part of the group. "

- Janelle B

Okay, tell me all the nitty gritty details!
What does it cost, who is this for and am I locked in?

Firstly, you are never locked in, I want you only to remain a member for as long as you are learning and receiving value from everything on the inside.


The Adelaide Bakes Online Membership is a month-by-month membership that is priced at just $49 per month


The BEST thing about joining as a VIP Member is that you have access right away and even though the price of the membership will increase over time, you will be locked in at this Member Price for life, so long as your account remains in good standing


This member intake is open from today Tuesday 21st January until midnight Sunday 26th January 2020. 

After which the doors will close and we will begin our journey together in this closed membership group.

Access into the membership won't open again until later this year.

The Adelaide Bakes Membership isn't for everyone

Before deciding to join this membership please consider your own baking style and whether we are a good fit


This is for you if:

  • You're a passionate hobbyist or a baking business owner

  • You want a professional look to both your baking and decorating techniques

  • You want to streamline processes to save precious time

  • You've bought online baking and cake decorating courses and were still left with questions

  • You're tired of wasting time on Google, Pinterest and Social Media forums searching for secret recipes, techniques & advice

  • You want faster results with done-for-you recipes, technique breakdowns and variations that are on trend and current

  • You are willing to put in the work and change some habits that will help you achieve better baking outcomes

  • You want a higher level of access to support, encouragement and community 

  • You would love to help grow this membership from the ground up and play a pivotal role in how the teaching comes together over time.



This is not for you if:

  • You are looking for just one specific course

  • You are not willing to change some of your habits and not open to learning & implementing new techniques

  • You expect instant results without putting in the time or practice

  • You have a negative outlook to baking 

  • You expect everything to be available all at once


T H E  F I N E  D E T A I L S


There are absolutely NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS. This membership is run on a pay by the month basis. You are welcome to leave the membership at any time with no hard feelings at all! All I ever want to do is provide you with the best value and support possible. If you feel that the Adelaide Bakes Membership is no longer a good fit for you, simply send through an e-mail to unsubscribe from the membership and you will not be charged again. Easy as!

W A I T  -  I  H A V E  A  Q U E S T I O N 

If you're still not sure if the membership is right for you, please reach out! I am happy to answer any questions at all!

Contact me at

I would LOVE for you to see just how much value you will receive as a member!
Today I'm sharing one of my absolute favourite recipes with you!
Here you'll find my award winning carrot cake recipe & video tutorial.
Follow the link for a sneak peek!