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Our February 2022 Bootcamp is coming to an end.

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FREE 4-day Mini Bootcamp!

Bake & Decorate along with me while learning my best tips and tricks!

This FUN, FREE, mini Bootcamp helps you become the best baker!


Join me as I share the knowledge that I've built over 20 years. 
Helping you save time, stress and energy by making SMART decisions in the kitchen!

Great baking is about more than just a recipe

Confident baking comes from understanding there's more to great baking than finding a recipe online.

Join me for a week of baking fun as I share how to get the best results from your bakes!


Workshop  1

So you've found some recipes online, now what?

Learn the difference between the recipe, the method and the technique to help you get the best from *that* recipe 


Workshop 2

Learn one of my Favourite cupcake recipes!

Learn a quick, easy, and fluffy cupcake recipe that stays tender!


Workshop 3

Learn one of my Favourite buttercream recipes!

Learn a quick, easy and fluffy buttercream recipe that flavours beautifuly


Workshop 4

Let's decorate our cupcakes!

Get my tips for colouring, flavouring, storing, piping, and decorating beautiful cupcakes.

Feedback from previous Bootcamps

It's been fabulous.

So many hints and tips. I loved that we could look at your video later if we were busy at the time. So pumped to get baking and try out new methods. Thank you SO much.

- Sue

So many tips and tricks I would never have thought of! 

- Letitia

The information and tips have been eye opening in some cases. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Have loved every minute so far!! 😍

- Rachel

Wow your enthusiasm and passion is infectious! I have learn't so much from you. I will go back over each session again. Thank you so much for sharing of your time and knowledge. 

- Margot

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