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Learn the keys to great baking, and how to get the best from your recipes!

You've just missed out! 

The Better Baker Bootcamp has just wrapped up. 

Keep an eye on your inbox and social media for another fun bake-along later this year.

Learn the secrets professional bakers use to develop recipes and achieve consistent results without stress and frustration that recipe testing brings!

Anchor 1

Great baking is about more than just a recipe

Here's what professional bakers understand

- Properties and function of the most common ingredients 

- How heat affects matter and what actually happens during the baking process

- The difference between the recipe, the method and technique

Leave Bootcamp confident in your baking!

These tools will help you

 save time, stress, and energy by making SMART decisions in the kitchen!


Workshop  1

Learn the FUNCTION of the ingredients used in baking, so when you're testing a new recipe or making adjustments to tried & tested ones you can predict the outcome!


Workshop 2

What really happens in the oven? Learn the stages of the baking process and how heat transfer works so you never under or over bake again!


Workshop 3

Learn the difference between the recipe, the method, and the technique to help you get the best from *that* recipe 


Workshop 4

Try one of my FAVOURITE recipes using your new-found skillset!

Everything you need to know about Bootcamp

When is the Bootcamp, and what time are the workshops?
- This Better baker Bootcamp runs from Monday, 24th to Sunday, 30th July 2023. The workshops will be held at 10:00 am Adelaide ACST (South Australia) time, each day.

Please check your time zone for any differences using a time zone converter such as

How do I sign up?

- Sign up right here by entering your email and clicking the "YES, I'm in!" button

Is it really free?

- Yes, absolutely. The week-long Bootcamp is completely free for everyone to join. 

How long is each session, and are there replays?

- Each session will run for approximately 30 - 45 minutes. Replays will be available in the Facebook group until Sunday, 30th July 2023.

Who is this for?

- The Better Baker Bootcamp is perfect for anyone who loves baking, is interested in the science behind baking, and who wants to develop their theoretical knowledge (the why behind the what) and techniques.

If I've taken part before, will I learn something new?

- Just like reading a good book, the more often we hear something, the deeper we consolidate the knowledge. Even though the content will be similar to previous Bootcamps, each session is unique, and repetition is the key to real learning.

What makes BBB so special?

- The Better Baker Bootcamp is unique to Adelaide Bakes and focuses on providing a depth of knowledge that helps to remove the stress from baking and recipe testing. The energy and atmosphere during a Bootcamp are like no other and are something that I am so proud to offer. The support, encouragement, and positive energy make BBB the best learning and sharing environment for all bakers!

What others are saying about BBB

Feedback from previous Bootcamps

It's been fabulous.

So many hints and tips. I loved that we could look at your video later if we were busy at the time. So pumped to get baking and try out new methods. Thank you SO much.

- Sue

So many tips and tricks I would never have thought of! 

- Letitia

The information and tips have been eye opening in some cases. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Have loved every minute so far!! 😍

- Rachel

Wow your enthusiasm and passion is infectious! I have learn't so much from you. I will go back over each session again. Thank you so much for sharing of your time and knowledge. 

- Margot

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