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Baking and decorating should be fun!
Achieving the result you want shouldn't be stressful.

How good does it feel when we hear

"wow, did you make that!?"

Adelaide Bakes Academy was created to give you ease:

The recipes and techniques you want to learn,

A community to inspire and cheer you on

Support from me

so you get the best results from your baking.

You know how frustrating it is when the recipe Just. Doesn't. Work.

It's incredibly deflating

Trust me, we've all been there

Do you know there are 4 stages to becoming a great baker?


having the right equipment

We don't all need the biggest and best equipment to achieve great results. I'm a big believer of smart baking - using what you already have and adding in only what you need depending on the baking you actually do.


understanding the ingredients

Great baking isn't just about the recipe! Understanding the function of ingredients is important to know how making adjustments will change the end result and how to adjust recipes to create the flavours and textures you like.


understanding the methods

Understanding a variety of methods allows you to make the right choice based on the time you have available, your level of confidence and the result you're looking for.


using the right recipes

Not all recipes are created equal. Using recipes that have been tried and tested to give consistent results will take the stress out of baking because you know you'll achieve the outcomes you want!

Become an Awesome Baker with Adelaide Bakes Academy!

The classes you'll find inside Adelaide Bakes Academy


Bake delicious cakes from scratch, including mud cakes, butter cakes and award winning carrot cakes! Including cake batter charts to help you bake cakes of any size!


The complete guide to creating beautiful smooth sides and sharp edges on round and square cakes -  including the striped cake technique!


Learning how I use chocolate melts to line the popsicle moulds, fill, cap and decorate cake pops that taste as delicious as they look!



Including: recipes for the most popular butter creams, how to colour butter creams and filling charts so you know exactly how much to make and NEVER run out!






3 of my favourite cookie recipes - vanilla, chocolate and gingerbread! Use these to make delicious cookies for your business or as favours and gifts!



The complete Royal Icing Masterclass to help you create gorgeous decorated cookies! Learn about icing consistencies, colours and some of my favourite techniques!



Make delicious cream puffs! Learn my favourite fillings including cream Diplomat, lemon curd and salted caramel!



Learn to make plain macaron shells in my basic recipe then expand your knowledge with chocolate, dual toned and vegan macarons! Including my best tips on perfecting macarons - this really is Macaron Foundations


Learn the basics to meringues and create perfect pavlovas, meringue nests and mini meringues


My best cafe style recipes that are perfect for gifting, catering and platters.


Including chocolate drip cakes, chocolate bowl sails, bubble wrap shards and tempering chocolate basics

And so many more.

Take a sneak peek inside!

Save time by having complete access to recipes, cheat sheets, batter guides, lessons and tutorials that are tried and true, that hundreds of bakers within Adelaide Bakes Academy use and love!



The library will only ever get better, with more classes, better resources and calculators to help you save time, effort and stress when baking!

Adelaide Bakes Academy is the Perfect Blend

Why buy a new course every time you want to learn something new?

You could spend hundreds on courses, recipes, tutorials and classes that only give you a fraction of the content and support you want...

Inside Adelaide Bakes Academy you receive:

✔️ Access to all online classes inside the Member Area - value $1018

  • Cookie Decorating with Royal Icing RRP $155

  • Smooth Sides and Sharp Edges on Round and Square cakes RRP $299

  • Cupcake Buttercream Decorating Techniques RRP $99

  • Perfect Macarons Masterclasses RRP $155

  • Choux Pastry ; Cream Puffs and Eclairs RRP $155

  • Small Business Basics RRP $155

✔️ Member Only Recipes, Cheat sheets, Bonuses and Masterclasses - value $660

Including: Serving guides, batter charts, icing charts, cake decorating techniques, chocolate and isomalt sails,  Christmas and Easter themed classes, Cake Popsicles, Chocolates, Marshmallow and award winning shortcrust (tart case) and filling recipes 

✔️ Bonus Access to all ebooks and paid recipes - value $135

✔️ Member Only Community AND Support from Me - Priceless!

Great advice and support really can't be beaten!

Knowing you'll receive support when you need it, from bakers who have years of experience is so invaluable and one of the best parts of the Academy ❤️

Join Adelaide Bakes Academy and access a total of over $1813

in classes, techniques, recipes, guides, cheat sheets and ongoing value and support.

And the best part is it's all in one place

You have complete access to the Academy for life!

Updated classes and recipes, designed specifically to help you understand the core concepts of baking and decorating

Monthly LIVE Q&A's to help you when you're stuck and give you the best baking and decorating advice

A closed Facebook community for support and encouragement 


Adelaide Bakes Academy

is the best place to become a confident baker and is now open for enrolment

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Join now, receive lifetime access and ongoing value

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The best part

Adelaide Bakes Academy is always growing, you will see additions to the member library that are always aimed to help you achieve results faster, easier, with more ease and less stress! 


Learn what really matters when building your business


Imagine how much time you'll save implementing the lessons, created specifically to give you clarity and focus on the big rocks


Unlimited access to your classes anywhere, any time!

Watch and re-watch, as often as you like


Access the best support in our Private Facebook Community.

Join in our LIVE Q&A to have any Q's answered and receive weekly updates!

Love Baking?

Me too!

Hey! I'm Maggie,


Mum of 2 crazy kidlets , baker and teacher of all things delicious.

Adelaide Bakes was born in 2016 after the birth of my son because I wanted to teach the skills, techniques and recipes that I'd spent the previous 12 years perfecting.


I had no idea I would find my absolute passion in teaching and mentoring bakers!

After 4 years of teaching hands on classes to hundreds of students I knew it was time to move online, to reach more amazing bakers, to share my knowledge and skills and impart my passion for the baking industry on those who are just coming in.

Adelaide Bakes Academy is where I blend the best recipes, techniques and passion for teaching from my hands on classes with the ability to create the best and most supportive baking community from around the world.

My greatest goal is to inspire and encourage bakers of all levels to try new techniques and impact and support those who are in the business of baking to maintain high standards in the industry.

Here's what some of my members have to say!

Macs Pink Blossom.jpg

I can now make macarons! 😍

Your sugar cookie recipe is definitely the best around! And your carrot cake!


My skills have improved 100%,

the Academy and the BBB sessions are amazing and fill in all the questions I've had. The tips and advice Maggie offers are tried and tested

The best vanilla cupcakes!I have tried so many but have found it difficult to find one that isn’t dry and/or stale after the first day. Yours are so moist and still fresh for as long as they last before they’re all eaten

Karen, KdCooking

I just made Maggie's Wagon Wheels. They are amazing!


Maggies deliciously perfect caramel mudcake (white choc smbc fill) and a mix of milk and dark choc mudcake (dark choc smbc fill) both were super moist!!! A truely amazingly lipsmacking tastypiece!! Thankyou so very much - def going into my faves collection